3 Things to Know When Hiring A Bookkeeper

Published Date
January 23, 2023

1. Bookkeeper Timeliness

Does the bookkeeper meet all of the deadlines that you set as well as the promises that they made? Do they do things efficiently and quickly making you feel that you are getting the best value for your money? We have all had tough times getting things done when we want them too and it is the most frustrating thing in the world! The thing that should never be late is your financial information. Your bookkeeper should have things done on time and should make good on any promises they make to you. If you want things done by a certain day then let your bookkeeper know and they should make it happen (As long as it is reasonable).

2. Bookkeeper Communication

Does your bookkeeper respond when you ask questions? How long does it take them to respond? Do they ask questions when they have them or does it take them a long time? Can you rely on them to communicate with you in terms that you understand and not a bunch of accounting jargon? Communication is key because your bookkeeper can be a partner, or they can be a faceless email that you get every so often. They should be in constant communication with you about your business and ways that it can improve as well as potential problems that they see. It is also important that they respond questions in a timely manner. They need to answer your questions when you ask them and answer them in a way that you can understand. It shouldn’t be overly complicated, and it should be helpful.

3. Bookkeeper Correctness

Do they constantly have to make changes when they give you the financials? When they give Profit and Loss Statements/Balance Sheets to do taxes do they make sense or does the accountant doing taxes have to change a ton? Do the financials match up with what you think they should be? Your bookkeepers will eventually make mistakes. It is bound to happen, and it is important that they fix it and that the mistakes are minimal. They need to listen to the way that you like things and do it that way. They need to do things right and if they mess up, they need to fix it immediately. Correct financials lead to correct business decisions which lead to more money and time for you.

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Todd Gray

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